Localist Videos

The New Localism – American Booksellers Association

A Localist Agenda – Stacy Mitchell

How I Became a Localist – Deborah Frieze


“Our Moment” at Equity Summit 2015 by PolicyLink

Common Good Finance

BALLE 2015 Conference Highlights

See all the BALLE 2015 Conference in Phoenix Videos here. David Korten, Van Jones, Michelle Long, Joel Saladin, and many others!

Big-Box Swindle author Stacy Mitchell TEDx Talk: Why We Can’t Shop Our Way to a Better Economy  – October 2012

Localvesting author Amy Cortese speaks at TedX Maui about “Local Investing Can Save the Economy.”

David Hess: “Building the Local Living Economy”

Dan Kahan: How cultural values shape beliefs and perceptions of risk

The Power of Just Doing Stuff – Rob Hopkins

Financing Our Foodshed’s Carol Peppe Hewitt’s Ted Talk

Sarah McAdam – What We Mean by REconomy

Real Value: What’s The Real Cost of Cheap movie by Jesse Borkowski

Read an interview with Jess Borkowski

In Transition 1.0 the movie from the Transition Networks

Jason Roberts – How to Build a Better Block

Wendell Berry on Bill Moyers & Company

Woody Tasch, author of Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money

Love Your Famers’ Market: Thank Wendell Berry

Cutting Edge Capital: New Capital for a New Economy via Direct Public Offerings

The Independent Community Bankers of America Go Local Holidays

Pickards Mountain Eco-Farm near Carrboro, NC

Amitai Etzioni on communtarianism and community

Amitai Etzioni Notes blog

 Slow Money 2014 Entrepreneur Showcase Video


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