Why You Need to Know about Vested.org

The Calvert Foundation created Vested.org created by to facilitate local and social good investments for as little as $20. As its slogan reads, “Invest in the causes and places you care about, starting at $20.” It is an improved alternative to eBay’s MicroPlace service, which quit accepting new investments at the end 2013. 


Vested.org’s investment initiatives are offered through Calvert Foundation’s Community Investment Note (Note), an investment security with a 20-year track record of solid performance. Since 1995, more than 15,000 investors have collectively invested $1 billion+ in the Note, and not one of them has ever lost money on her investment.”

Investments mostly support CFDI’s around the globe. The partners have been closely scrutinized by Calvert. Investors can go online and make investments as small as one year for 0.5% interest to as long as ten years for 3%. Online investments through Vested.org can be as large as $10,000. The Calvert Foundation additionally offers brokerage and direct investments of at least $1000.

Vested.org investors can choose among  Microfinance; Women’s Empowerment; Education; Invest in India; Ours to Own US; Ours to Own Denver; Ours to Own Twin Cities; Fair Trade; Small Business; Global Good; and Small Business.

On Vested.osmall_microfinance-mastheadrg you can invest in social change for as little as $20.


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